The Western Loop

Only 5 minutes north of the resort is Bucca Road which leads to Nana Glen and Coramba which are suburbs west of Coffs. The drive to Nana Glen takes approximately 25 minutes through some lovely countryside. Two Tails Winery is located in Nana Glen which is a small boutique style winery offering a varied selection of wines. Especially popular are their fortified wines. Only a short distance from the winery is the Kookaburra Cafe which offers so much country charm. I especially love how you can enjoy lunch in an old tram. Lunch is highly recommended at the Kookaburra Cafe. After lunch head off to Coramba where there is a maze. Keep your eyes out for this maze as it is not well signposted. It is a maze built on the owner’s private property but it kept our family amused for up to 2 hours and was great value for money considering the time we spent there. On the eastern side of Coramba is Mountain Ash Pottery which offers some unique style art pieces. Just before heading back into town the Wildflower Jewellery Gallery is on the right and it is recommended to drive up the mountain to visit this gallery. Other than beautiful views of the city and surrounding hills, the gallery also offers many unique gifts.